Senate Foreign Relations Committee Should #VoteNOtoWAR with Syria #BecauseISIS

Dear Patriot,
The Senate Foreign Relations Committee (SFRC) is set to vote on authorizing our latest war in Iraq and Syria THIS week. Your Senator, Barbara Boxer, is a member of the committee and needs to hear from you before the vote!
Call Congress by using this special toll-free* number: 877-429-0678. This number will connect you with the Capitol Switchboard operator, and you should ask to be connected to Senator Boxer’s office.
You can say: “I understand the Senate Foreign Relations Committee will be debating the use of force against ISIS. I urge the Senator to oppose authorizing force in Iraq and Syria. However, if there are opportunities to constrain the use of force, such as by prohibiting ground troops, I urge the Senator to support those constraints.”
Now is the time to act. This is our last chance to restrain the war before the new Republican-controlled Congress comes to Washington. The SFRC’s vote will decide not only whether or not to endorse the war in Iraq and Syria, but what restrictions, if any, to place on that war. With congressional hawks set to take the reins of power, there will be a push to send combat troops to fight ISIS, to expand the war into pursuing regime change in Syria, and to flood the conflict with American weapons.
The SFRC must seize this opportunity to end endless war. Please call Senator Boxer and ask her to vote against the war in Iraq and Syria: 877-429-0678.
Responding to violence with violence is not working — to improve safety or to defeat violent extremism. No use of force will solve the problems that plague the region. Violent extremism cannot be bombed out of existence. Instead, the U.S. needs to lead an effective response to stop the violence perpetrated by ISIS and to help people in the region restore security.
Now, finally, your Senator will have a chance to vote on whether this military-focused strategy is the right way forward. Please call her today: 877-429-0678.
Americans in uniform have already died in this war, and it is shameful that Members of Congress have so far hidden from their constitutional responsibility to debate and vote on such a monumental issue. Americans deserve to know whether our elected officials support yet another endless war in the Middle East or are ready to stand up for peace.
Thank you for working for peace,
Stephen, Angela, Tom, and the Win Without War team
*Toll-free number provided by the Friends Committee on National Legislation, a Win Without War coalition member

Declaring War on ISIS While Ignoring Israeli and Saudi Aggression in Syria

Israel has repeatedly bombed Syria over the last couple of days but this has received ZERO coverage from the media, which oddly enough happens to be dominated by Israeli-sympathizers often referred to as Zionists.

Reuters reports that Israel strikes near the Syrian capital, which Syria’s state news agency SANA have said were a “flagrant attack on Syria”.  

The attacks have been close to the Syrian capital Damascus, and have reportedly taken out agricultural facilities and warehouses.
Last year, Republican Congressman Ted Cruz opposed U.S. military intervention in Syria, saying the U.S. military shouldn’t be “Al Qaeda’s air force.”
Similarly, former Democratic Congressman Dennis Kucinich  said that striking Syria would turn the United States military into “al-Qaeda’s air force.”
I guess Israel doesn’t mind being the air force for Al Qaeda. (re-branded as ISIS). Strange bedfellowsindeed …
Then you have stories like these:

Saudi Prince: War Against ISIS Really About Removing Assad #28pages #Uncover911

Published on Sep 29, 2014
Prince Turki Al-Faisal, former Saudi Arabian ambassador to the U.S., tells CBS This Morning Anchor Norah O’Donnell, he hopes the airstrikes that include Saudi planes against ISIS are the first step in ultimately removing Syrian leader Bashar Assad and does not see any reason why they shouldn’t send in Saudi ground troops if necessary.…
Don’t forget we are looking for the declassification of 28 pages which allegedly exposes the involvement of foreign agents in 9/11 and Saudi Arabia has been named.  Read more here.