US Taxpayers Deliver F-35 to Israel

According to the GAO, “with estimated acquisition costs of nearly $400 billion, the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter—also known as the Lightning II — is DOD’s most costly acquisition program.” The New York times ran an article about Trump, complaining about the cost of the aircraft. President-elect Donald…

Military War is Preceded by Drug & Economic Wars

Note that national powers will play both sides; overt and covert, ying and yang, aggressor and defender.

Ex: Britain in Opium wars with China while trading with merchants
Ex: China in economic war with USA and EU while feeding it meth (capture of Chinese cargo ship with tons of meth in Lazaro Cardenas in Mexico

Ex: Mexico allowing drugs and people to be smuggled into the US, while the people export dollars as remittances to Mexico and the US allows guns to be sold to known cartel contacts, enabling the drug war to kill more.

As Mexican citizens return home in the down US economy (2008-present day), the remittances will go down too.  Mexican government will need more funds to keep the government afloat.  Then comes the PEMEX bond float of 2010.  $3B