Whay if there really was a Progressive Libertarian Revolution?

What if Ralph Nader and Ron Paul both got fair and just coverage? What if the subscriber supported alternative media covered them both, and their importance and influence were as great as #BigMedia?
What if their opinions mattered to you and your safety?
Would you listed? Would you act?
Find a cause that suits you and advocate for positive change.


How the #Neocons Never Left #ThinkTank #FPI #PNAC

The Project for the New American Century.

PNAC said, in THEIR OWN WORDS, we need a “new Pearl Harbor” event to swiftly enact the endless wars in the Middle East…and then 9/11 conveniently happened (and the official story is FALSE, see the videos immediately following these Libya videos):

Think this group will support Jeb Bush for President in 2016? You bet!