Special Report: Maurice Strong; Rockefeller and Rothschild Protege

  “Disgraced kleptocrat Maurice Strong died late last year at the age of 86. He was shunned from polite society and forced into a life of exile in Beijing after his decades of business intrigues, crimes against humanity, and environmental destruction unraveled. His savagery culminated…

Whay if there really was a Progressive Libertarian Revolution?

What if Ralph Nader and Ron Paul both got fair and just coverage? What if the subscriber supported alternative media covered them both, and their importance and influence were as great as #BigMedia?
What if their opinions mattered to you and your safety?
Would you listed? Would you act?
Find a cause that suits you and advocate for positive change.


Trans Pacific Partnership is a Globalist Expansion of the American Empire

Anonymous warned us of this last year and now that it has passed, we will begin to see the scary results.  The US has managed to create a NAFTA-like plan for Asia combined with a NATO-like military expansion in order to contain China and bring about a New World Order the likes of what the world saw around the time of World War I & II with the expansion of the I.G. Farben and Nazi empire, known as the Third Reich.

This is a continuation of the Fourth Reich as described in detail by historian and investigative journalist, Jim Marrs.

“The fall of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War fundamentally altered the global security environment…but regional, local and internal conflicts have been on the rise. In recent years, the rise of failed and failing states and the growing presence of increasingly capable non-state actors has presented the US and its coalition partners with new military challenges. Concurrently, US forces face an increasing number of access challenges, including geography, potential adversaries’ capabilities, and host country concerns which prohibit access to their ports, airfields, and territory in the pursuit of action, and finally: domestic US and coalition political sentiment against large troop presence in ‘non-permissive operating environments’. The closing of US bases around the world, and austere port and infrastructure; international and domestic sentiments against a large troop presence in a foreign country, or even outright denial of US military presence have all limited the number of troops placed ashore.”

It has been highly protested by Japanese and others informed citizens, afraid of the destruction brought on their markets by the economic rape, pillage, and plunder.

4000+ Japanese farmers and fishers hit the streets of Tokyo on March 13 demanding Prime Minister Shinzo Abe keep his promises to boycott the talks despite pressure from the US.  Sound familiar?  Obama’s fast-tracking this deal brings new meaning to his campaign promise to ‘renegotiate NAFTA’.
There’s been recent news that over 400 civil society organizations representing more than 15 million Americans have written to Congress urging that Fast Track be replaced by a more democratic trade negotiating and approval process’.
Electronic Frontier Foundation lists the dangers from draconian copyright and intellectual property rules, online free speech and privacy, fair use exceptions, and much  more.  The leaked draft 2011 text is here(pdf).
Sandra Fulton of the ACLU called the TPP ‘the biggest threat to free speech and intellectual property that you’ve never heard of’ in this interview with EFF in September of 2012.
The leaked provisions caused Lori Wallach of Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch to react with incredulity and barely suppressed rage:
The rollback of the modest Bush-era reforms is shocking, but what is truly stunning is the new proposal to empower pharmaceutical firms to attack the medicine formulary systems that New Zealand, Australia and other developed countries have used so successfully to achieve what is ostensibly an Obama administration goal of reducing sky-high drug prices.”
Lori Wallach is interviewed in the next two videos; this one with Amy and Juan covers many of the most hideous features of the deal as leaked so far, although as I remember it they don’t cover the super-muscular power Monsanto and other GMO multinationals will have, and the powerlessness of citizens in signatory nations to fight back.  There are also provisions for financial deregulation and decreased capital control, Investor State arbitration (iirc; I’ve read and watched a lot today) and a US military presence to help keep citizens pacified.
If anyone can still believe that this President gives a fuck about you, or the 40% of the citizens of the world this will negatively impact forever…I’d like you to make your case.  As far as I’m concerned, it‘s treasonous.