What a Random Coincidence: 9-11 Conspiracy and Back to the Future

This could make one a believer in a conspiracy to commit murder on 9-11-2001.  Whether one chooses to believe this report or not is not irrelevant.  The crime was committed and who did it is still a question on everyone’s mind, especially now as Joe Biden threatens us with speeches about following ISIS to the Gates of Hell.  (Who the hell does he think he is? His son is sitting on the board of directors for a natural gas company named Burisma operating in eastern Ukraine.  His son will not be sent to the front lines with Joe the Plummer’s kids.)

Our entire foreign policy since 9-11-2001 has been about engaging in the Judeo-Christian-Muslim terrorist hoax (otherwise known as the “religious holy wars”), and this time ISIS has more advanced weaponry than Israel, and they are out of control, corporate toy soldiers, pirates, and mercenaries.

What’s important to realize is that many of us world citizens believe in following the law, and that’s precisely but not exclusively why we as a nation are so concerned about the cost of living, yet we do nothing about it until it’s too late.

Meanwhile, mind games like the one depicted in the short film below and sick and evil.  Their use of psychological warfare, chemical weapons, and media propaganda machines exposes their “soft power” as it was referred to many years ago.

Anyway, pay attention and keep digging.  Think about the best way to fight this power and make public suggestions online for all to see.

Hey, maybe it’s me.  I’m just noticing a random coincidence.  Right?  Look again.  Probably so.  Hindsight is 20/20.  Without seeing the original script and asking the directors, producers, and actors any questions, we cannot ascertain whether there was supposed to be any likeness to a future event.

If good ole Michael J Fox were to say to you “Hey Doc, I got to tell you something about the future.” Would you listen?

I guess I need to look into synchromysticism.  Looks like a bunch of random coincidences to me. 

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