Love Perpetual War and Debt? Read The Economist and Follow Their Dogma

After many years of reading the Economist I stopped in 2008.  The economic world I knew blew up and neither the Federal Reserve, nor CNBC, nor the Economist had been any help at all.  In fact, quite the opposite.  They had lead me astray.  They distorted the truth.  But I didn’t know that then.

5 years later while sipping a lousy coffee at Starbucks I took advantage of the free AT&T wi-fi and this article caught my eye.

The gated globe
Governments are putting up impediments to globalisation. It is time for a fresh wave of liberalisation

Now, I am completely on the opposite side of trade liberalization. Exposure to the way things really work from the Anglo-American Establishment to the Council on Foreign Relations and their British cousin the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  From the Federal Reserve System to the International Monetary Fund, World Bank, Bank of International Settlements, and their interlocking directorates with BigOil and BigBanks.  From the CIA to the Mossad, MI5, MI6 to the National Security Council and NATO and the United Nations.  From the World Trade Organization to the G20, Bilderberg, and the Trilateral Commission.  And lastly from Foreign Affairs, the New York Times, the Washington Post, and the Economist back to the Council on Foreign Relations.

We have been lied to by all of these organizations and institutions and they work specifically to undermine every nation on Earth for their gain.  Their trendy well polished neoliberal materials are extremely deceptive.  They are meant to influence their audience into accepting a corporatized world of free trade and globalization where short term convenience and easy finance lure unsuspecting adults into a world of finance, debt,

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