Treasury Department Whistleblower Warns of Western War Crimes in Syria and Beyond

Do you know who this person is? He is the former Assistant Secretary to the Treasury under Ronald Reagan.  I think he has been referred to as the Father of Reaganomics.  He has changed his tune over the past 30 years to become an ACTIVIST!  He actually writes on his blog and speaks on alternative media outlets about his understanding of what’s really going on behind the scenes in our government.

Do you think he understands the machinations of Washington DC, from Capitol Hill to the Pentagon?  If so, then you’d better listen to him.

He is not a whistleblower per se, not by the strict definition.  But he is an insider telling Americans on the Internet and on alternative media that the world is in a perilous place, due to a coup d’etat that has taken place in America.  The only problem is, most Americans don’t realize their government has been taken over by stateless elitists hiding behind organized crime cartels.  These cartels are in such great control of world politics and economics that we actually THINK we are in control of the decision making process in what we call government.  Or we are dumbed-down employees working for corporations that are profiting from war and conflict.  That’s why they are systemically too big to fail.  Too many of us actually work for them.  Imagine if we were able to actually hold special investigations and assign criminal punishment and fines to the guilty bastards at the top of the pyramid.  Then, just like Al Qaida, a new head would pop up and take the reigns.  Just like a terrorist organization.  After all, they do have their own intelligence networks, banks, central banks, transport, food, and insurance companies.  They have entire networks of approved operations that get plenty of media attention, while they surpress, subvert, and destroy the competition.

Read what Dr. Paul Craig Roberts has to say about Syria and then look at more of his articles on his website and videos on YouTube.

Syria: Another Western War Crime In The Making — Paul Craig Roberts

Syria: Another Western War Crime In The Making
Paul Craig Roberts

The war criminals in Washington and other Western capitals are determined to maintain their lie that the Syrian government used chemical weapons. Having failed in efforts to intimidate the UN chemical inspectors in Syria, Washington has demanded that UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon withdraw the chemical weapons inspectors before they can assess the evidence and make their report. The UN Secretary General stood up to the Washington war criminals and rejected their demand. However, as with Iraq, Washington’s decision to commit aggression against Syria is not based on any facts.
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